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Maria Syailendra was born in Semarang, Central Java, 55 years ago. As a leading expert in Indonesia for alternative beauty treatment for facial, body, and aura she was blessed with a pair of children, Virda and Ryan. In the field of beauty treatment she had started her career as a make-up artist, before later on opening her own salon in Pati, Semarang, Central Java. The result had been remarkable, just shy of 10 years in make-up and hair dressing business, she had successfully won in various international events.

In 1995, the beauty expert that now had been in the business for 30 years interested in silicone implants treating. At that time, there were many cases of improper silicon injection victim suffering swelling effect, rashes, itching in areas of nose, chin, cheek, breast – on some particular case it even proofed to be fatal. In her effort to help some of her friends that had been a victim of such malpractices, she is referring to the Chinese healing methods that she had learned. The treatment proofed to be a success; she manages to rejuvenate their beauty, all without any surgery and without leaving any mark.

As gratitude, her friends that had been successfully treated had given a testimonial, notably in daily newspaper, Suara Merdeka Jawa Tengah and Kartini magazine in 1999. Maria Syailendra became even more famous as an alternative expert in alternative beauty treatment after she moved to Jakarta in 2000. She was the first to introduce “Ancient Chinese Vagina Treatment” and “Beauty Charismatic Aura Massage” in Indonesia, but her inventions doesn’t stop there, she collaborated with domestic and foreign experts in beauty treatment in order to find a quick, safe and satisfying treatment.  Once again her treatment caught public attention; national newspaper, tabloids, magazines and electronic press covered her successful methods that helped Indonesian women improve their personal quality. It had also helped many couples achieving a harmonious life much like in their early marriage, and also many celebrities, business person and government officials became more successful in their impending career.

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